PRIORITY project CBAs Retrospective Video

September 18th, 2020

During the last 2 years, PRIORITY project partners from Germany, Italy, Romania, and Greece have developed and implemented 3 Capacity Building Activities for trainers, teachers, and youth workers, related to the social inclusion of young people at risk of marginalisation and radicalisation.

The first two workshops were held in Larissa, Greece and in Palermo, Italy in June, and October 2019, respectively. The workshop scheduled for the spring of 2020 in Dresden was held online, on account of travelling restrictions and social distancing regulations in Covid-19 times.

To provide a retrospective of the 3 CBAs, project partners have created a video compilation, which includes short descriptions, main topics covered during the meetings, relevant photos and testimonials delivered by participants.

Join our trip down the memory lane and gain insight into the process of creating inclusive societies.