Mine Vaganti NGO

Mine Vaganti NGO is a no-profit organisation born in Sardinia in 2009, whose services encompass Education and Training, Project Design, Research, International Mobility and Consultancy.

MVNGO promotes intercultural dialogue, social and green entrepreneurship, social inclusion through Sport, Formal and Non Formal Education. MVNGO is part of 3 international networks such as YEE, ISCA and MV International.

MVNGO has a consultant role for public and private bodies in order to promote and develop European and trans-continental projects in Youth/Adults/VET/HEI/Sport Sectors.

MVNGO works on Erasmus+, Horizon 2020, Cosme, Europe for Citizens, Creative Europe, EuropeAid, EaSi, Life+, IEE, the United Nations programmes (UNDEF) and with foundations such as EYF, Fondazione con il Sud, Anna Lindh and Open Society

MVNGO is structured into 5 Work Departments: MVNGO Project & Research HUB; MVNGO Adult & Training; MVNGO VET & HEI; MVNGO Sport Branch; MVNGO Youth Division.

MVNGO is very dynamic in its area (North Sardinia) where it takes the role of the only bridge to European Mobilities for youngsters, adults, VET and HEI users. It established a tight cooperation with local authorities such as Municipalities, Universities and the Regione Sardegna.

From 2014, Mine Vaganti NGO coordinates “National Higher Education Consortium” (www.heiconsortium.it), involving 8 Italian universities.

URL: https://minevaganti.org/

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