The PRIORITY eLearning Platform is up and running!

December 21st, 2021

The PRIORITY eLearning Platform

We are proud to announce the launch of the brand-new PRIORITY eLearning platform designed to host the two compelling courses developed by project partners. The courses are in line with the general project objectives of preventing radicalisation and promoting the social inclusion of young people at risk of marginalisation, especially those with migrant and refugee background.

PRIORITY project partners Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V. JKPeV (Germany), KAINATOMIA (Greece), CSC Danilo Dolci and Mine Vaganti (Italy) have provided the content that ASSIST Software has then skillfully transposed into an online format. Moreover, ASSIST Sofware was responsible for the design of the course layout, and for the design and development of the eLearning multilanguage platform.

The entire project revolves around two main target groups – the youth workers, educators, and cultural mediators, on the one hand and the young people, and especially those facing the risk of social exclusion, on the other hand. Therefore, the PRIORITY partners created the two online courses to address the particularities of each individual group.

The two Online Courses

The PRIORITY Superhero course is designed for trainers, youth workers, teachers, sport educators, cultural mediators, and activists eager to learn more about the prevention of marginalisation and radicalisation. The course also provides useful information on how to build, operate and sustain inclusive youth environments in the local communities.

The PRIORITY Young Mediator course has been created for young people committed to becoming mediators and contributing to the social integration of youth from disadvantaged groups, such as migrants or refugees. The course sets out to develop the trainees’ intercultural, social, and critical thinking skills, necessary to engage and empower their peers.

We structured the courses into five modules consisting each of a theoretical section, practical activities, and additional learning resources, wrapped up with a self-evaluation quiz, made up of 8 multiple choice questions.

Hoping that our brief presentation has stirred your interest, we encourage you to subscribe to our free online courses and acquire new skills you can use in you practice! The PRIORITY Superhero and PRIORITY Young Mediator are available in English, German, Greek, Italian and Romanian!